What Parents say?

Phonics, phonics everywhere
What is phonics? Let me share
It’s all about sounds ,taught with care
Fun and laughter fills the air
When in action, looks like a fair
My mentors here are simply rare
Their flair for the language is very glare
Love and care at the centre there
Found in plenty, oh! I can’t bear
My daughter and I are a fortunate pair
To be apart of the ‘champs’ out there.

Mrs. Pamela, M/O Joanna

My daughter Deeksha Rajesh has shown vast improvement in reading and writing skills. She is now able to read a whole story book independently and confidently. She has demonstrated good progress and we are very pleased with phonic champs.

Mrs. Indhumathi, M/O Deeksha Rakesh

I thank everyone at “ Phonic Champs”for grooming my daughter such that she has gained so much confidence in reading and writing abilities. The hands on approach and class management skills are par excellence. A remarkable difference is seen in my child and she is much more ahead of her peer group. If it was not phonic champs, it would have not been possible. Once again I thank phonic champs for making my daughter extraordinary reader.

Mrs. M. Janaki, M/O Jenifer Gifta

My heartfelt thanks to “Phonic champs “ team as my son has improved in leaps and bounds. This class is an intense roller-coaster ride exploring the boundaries of language. The students are thrilled, excited and I have never seen any child hesitating to attend the class. I would blindly recommend this class to anyone who has a flair for learning English language.

Mrs. Shathriya, M/O A. Arshad Mahadi

The phonics class has enriched my son’s vocabulary, increased his level of confidence in reading and writing. He is able to read without difficulty and he is able to recognise and read lengthy words. I thank Phonic champs for providing a base for children in improving their language skill.

Mr. R. Balaji, F/o B. Chatresh

Jolly phonics as the name suggests is a fun filled, child centred, enrichment programme that has proved to be incredible to my daughter sai saramathi. She has had a spell bound improvement in reading and writing skills. She has developed reading habits from books to street boards to news paper captions and reads independently. She pronounces properly which is important for good literacy skills. I give thumps up to the mentors of Phonic champs.

Mrs. Saramathi Kautilya, m/o Sai Saramathi Kautilya