About Jolly Phonics, UK

About Jolly Phonics, UK

Jolly Phonic is a synthetic phonic method and it is the effective teaching methodology followed worldwide. This multisensory method is specially designed and developed by Sue Lloyd and Sara Wernham and their work is published by Jolly Learning Ltd, U.K.

What Parents say?

What Parents say?

Phonics, phonics everywhere
What is phonics? Let me share
It’s all about sounds ,taught with care
Fun and laughter fills the air
When in action, looks like a fair
My mentors here are simply rare
Their flair for the language is very glare
Love and care at the centre there
Found in plenty, oh! I can’t bear
My daughter and I are a fortunate pair
To be apart of the ‘champs’ out there.

Mrs. Pamela, m/o Joanna


Do you know what your child wants?

What happens when your child does not enjoy learning?

What’s unique about Phonic Champs?

Meet the Founders

Vijayalakshmi Seshan & Shanthi Ganesh
Official jolly phonics professional trainers, U.K

Phonic Champs is founded by certified and qualified teachers from reputed educational institutions. With a rich domain expertise in student counselling, deeper understanding of a child’s learning abilities, and strong knowhow of the Phonics methodology, both Viji and Shanthi are the integral pillars who drive the vision of creating champions in reading. Both are trained under Mrs Shainaz Jussa, certified Jolly Phonics trainer.

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